As a member of the core team responsible for the creation of IP* in the BANDAI NAMCO Group, which provides "Dreams, Fun, and Inspiration" all around the world, BANDAI NAMCO Pictures aims to be an endless fountain of entertainment, gushing forth to create the values of tomorrow. At times, life is harsh, and the preciousness of being alive tends to get buried in our daily lives. That is why we want to weave stories that make people feel that living and being alive is wonderful.

Together with the fans, we want to carefully nurture characters that are full of life and evolve with them. Even if the world is not fair and fate is unjust, all of our hearts are supposed to hold a beautiful seed of "hope". We believe that entertainment has the power to nurture that seed and let it bloom. As a production group inheriting the genes of Bandai, Namco, and Sunrise, we will continue to create vibrant projects that enrich the hearts and color the lives of the children of the world, those who once bore what makes the present possible, and those who will bear it later, while cherishing this precious moment that leads to the future.

IP = Intellectual Property:Intellectual property such as characters




Company Name BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Inc.
Established April, 2015
Management President and CEOOZAKI Masayuki
Business Activity Planning, video production, produce and operation of IP suitable for character merchandising and IP targeting mass audience.


HEAD Office 4-1-10, Shimoshakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 177-0042 Japan