We strive to be a gushing fountain of entertaiment We strive to be a gushing fountain of entertaiment

Inheriting genes from Bandai, Namco and Sunrise, we at Bandai Namco Pictures have been producing many film&video works as the core outfit of IP creation for the Bandai Namco group providing people around the world with “dreams, plays and excitements.”

A long list of our works, born from labors of love, are endowed with limitless power.

Works that make you feel happy when you happen to remember them, those that give you courage and energy to get up once again when things are tough and confusing, or those that remind you of your long-forgotten dreams and ideals when you feel at a loss. We believe it would become the power to illuminate our bright future when those inspirational works connect and interact with people’s hearts.

As always, we will continue to create film&video works encouraging people around the world, from children to grown-ups, to advance their hopes and dreams as our productions shine together with them for a long time to come.

IP = Intellectual Property:Intellectual property such as characters




Company Name Bandai Namco Pictures Inc.
Established April, 2015
Management President and CEOSATOU Hiroyuki
Business Activity Planning, video production, produce and operation of IP suitable for character merchandising and IP targeting mass audience.


HEAD Office Fujisawa Bldg. 4-30-16, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0051 Japan